San Diego Payphone Owner Association was established in 1987 as a nonprofit organization.  The Association's original intent was to represent independent PSPs doing business in San Diego and Southern California.

Today, SDPOA has expanded its role to champion a variety of local and state-wide industry issues.  SDPOA has an ongoing committment to work with and educate public officials, city leaders, and the general public on the merits of payphone placement.

In 2000, SDPOA created an affiliate for-profit company, Profitable Payphone Services, Inc. This organization provides a valuable service to payphone operators while generating aggregator profits to fund our efforts to fight the regulatory battles that threaten our collective futures.

SDPOA meets  quarterly at 9:30 AM in San Diego.  Upcoming meetings in 2010 are on April 22, July 15, and October 21.  If you are interested in coming to a meeting to get to know us, please call us at 888-289-0011.  We'd love to buy you breakfast!

You can also call our President, Victor Rollo, at 760-729-7475.