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05/12/09:  Cleartel Communications announces that it has been acquired by Birch Telecom.  For more information see :

APCC Services Enforcement & Compliance Activities:   

--On April 10, 2009 APCC Services filed a Request for the Clerk of Court in the Eastern District of Virginia to enter a Default against TeleCents Communications for their failure to pay under the terms of the Settlement Agreement.

--On March 26, 2009 APCC Services filed a Formal Complaint against CCI Communications (and its affiliated companies) for their failure to pay dial around compensation dating back to 3Q2004.

--On February 9, 2009 APCC Services filed a Formal Complaint against three affiliated companies, True LD, LLC, West Star Communications, LLC and Global Access LD, LLC, for their failure to pay dial around compensation dating back to 1Q2005.

For information on APCC Services for Dial Around Compensation, please call 800.868.2722.  Or, go to   Tell them we sent you!

APCC's main site is


Yes, there really is some good news for California PSPs.  We are happy to tell you that the PSP Enforcement Fee of $0.25 per ani per month has been eliminated.  This is the result of many years of hard work, much of it by Steve Fetzer of Praytel and CCT Communications.  Until very recently Steve was SDPOA's representative on the Payphone Service Providers’ Advisory Committee of the Payphone Service Providers Enforcement Division of the CPUCIn that capacity he chaired the PSP Enforcement Committee and was instrumental in bringing about this needed change.   We appreciate his efforts and are sure that you do, too.  

 This excerpt is from the final decision of the CPUC, reached in June of 2008. 

“The Payphone Enforcement Program surcharge applicable to all local exchange carriers and competitive local exchange carriers providing intrastate payphone line service as ordered by D.98-11-029 and as amended in subsequent resolutions is eliminated. To aid in the Commission's enforcement efforts, we will retain the requirement that local exchange carriers report monthly on payphone location and owner information. “

Fees are eliminated as of the second half of June 2008.  PSPs may see some refunds of monies collected after that date, and should be alert for specific PSP Enforcement Fee charges on current and future local dial tone bills.  Note that some CLECs have bundled the $0.25 with other charges and may not be reducing their rates accordingly.  

Victories like this one are exactly why it makes sense to choose Profitable Payphone Services.  Along with our affiliate SDPOA, we are always working to improve profits for the PSP, through regulatory battles as well as the best choices for local dial tone, operator services, and long distance.  It’s a win-win!  . 

June 21, 2010 - KPBS "These Days" features payphones!

KPBS radio in San Diego devoted 40 minutes of its popular “These Days” show to the subject “Do We Still Need Payphones?”  Victor Rollo, President of Profitable Payphone Services and SDPOA, was the guest, and calls were also taken from listeners.  It was a great opportunity to educate the public about the value of and need for payphones, and we thought you might want to listen to the broadcast. The link below will take you to the KPBS website where you can hear the program.   Enjoy!