PPS Programs and Services

Profitable Payphone Services has negotiated the highest commissions and the lowest possible rates with all of our affiliates. We are proud to provide you with the most competitive products in the industry for both local dial tone and long distance services. 

But as you know all too well, rates and commissions are not the whole story.  Speical promotions, restrictions, rebates, service history, and other factors must be weighed as you select the most cost-effective option for your specific needs.  That's why PPS offers you the services of our Communications Consultant, Sheila Fitzgerald, to analyze your situation and suggest solutions that will work for you, now and in the future.

In addition to our local dial tone, and long distance programs,  PPS is proud to bring you an exciting new product,  Collect Calls to AT&T Dial *91 SM . 

This program is the first and only authorized compensation program for operator services calls placed within the Collect Calls to AT&T Dial *91 SM platform.  The program  requires authorized payphone signage, available in either faceplate or vault door sizes, to be placed on your payphone.  You then program your payphone to send any call dialed from it as *91 to the PPS nationwide access number for *91.  These calls are answered at the “Collect Calls to AT&T Dial *91 SM “ platform with the AT&T prompt,  plus “Thank you for using the AT&T network for *91”. The cost of the call to the consumer is lower than the AT&T operator service call cost, and there are no additional billing or service items.

Profitable Payphone Services will send you a check at the end of every month with your compensation for all of the calls that you programmed to go to the “Collect Calls to AT&T Dial *91 SM platform.  This product is not intended to replace your existing operator service compensation arrangements.  Rather, we hope that the “Collect Calls to AT&T Dial *91 SM “ program will bring you incremental compensation from customers who prefer to use the AT&T brand at rates even lower than the AT&T call rates.   For more information, call us today at 888-329-8671.

Local Dial Tone Programs

  • AT&T
  • Birch Communications
  • Mpower/Telepacific
  • Legacy
  • CCT

Long Distance and Operator Services

  • AT&T
  • Legacy Long Distance
  • NCIC